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Most business intelligence solutions turn chaotic data piles into organized data piles. We like to go one step further and turn it into recommendations like: these are your best customer groups and the best way to reach them is by using this media mix and by using these offers.

We do this through our i4C™ platform and by using our vast experience in quantitative and qualitative analysis.

Our solutions are specifically targeted to the marketing analytics and marketing intelligence environment.

Our i4C™ (intelligence for Customers) platform organizes and mines data (yours and everything else you care to add), lets you develop ‘’what-if’’ scenarios, gives you access to reports and query capabilities so that you can explore your market and marketing environment quickly and without the help of an analyst.

Best of all, it will give you answers on what works best. All you have to do… is decide.


Our solution manages 6 dimensions that are key to understanding your markets and to evaluate and plan your marketing activities

  • WHO: Customers & consumers
  • WHAT: The offer(s)
  • WHEN: The timing, absolute & relative
  • WHERE: The location components / environment
  • WHY: Product or cause, your reason for communicating with the consumer
  • HOW: Media, communication channel

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