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i4C™ predictive models

Looking to the future is one of the key reasons for using BI and our i4C platform is equipped to do just that.

i4C™ uses quantitative and qualitative models to predict and evaluate the impact of various market components and how your marketing initiatives perform. Our modeling approach significantly reduces uncertainty and helps you identify the impact of each component of your marketing activities.

Our in database analytical structure insures that all new data is taken into account instantly by our predictive models. These models will consider the following information variables:

  • Customer behavior and historical information;
  • Customers' RFM (Recency, Frequency, Monetary) signature;
  • Their socio-demographic profile;
  • Their location and the competitive environment  (province, region, city, municipality...); 
  • The offer (message content, format, keywords...);

Just to name a few.

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