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Centralize all marketing intelligence functions in one place and within one system.

i4C™ greatly reduces the time spent on analysis and scenario-testing by centralizing all campaign data in one place and providing an interface to query and analyze your data - both as you prepare for a new campaign or as you analyze on-going and completed campaigns. You can analyze your customer base as a whole, or analyze a particular campaign.

In addition to analytical activities, you can also build campaign scenarios, produce campaigns and export your targeted customer list (DM module) for your direct marketing activities (mail, email, telemarketing...).

i4C™ also supports the development of the corporate memory: all marketing events entered into the system are kept there for the benefit of future employees and the overall learning of the organization. No longer is information about past campaigns kept on an employee's hard disk or in a binder on someone's shelf, accessible only to a few.

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