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Centralize all your marketing intelligence functions in one place and within one system.

With a multitude of decisions that Marketing, as a whole, requires in order to promote, sell, distribute and support the organization's offering, it's a wonder how any marketer ever makes it back from a strategic planning session! Not to mention keeping an eye on the ROI of every marketing activity.

Most marketing departments contribute their time and expertise to completing the various activities inherent in producing a single marketing campaign: Analysis, targeting, offer development, media selection, communication piece development, deployment, monitoring, post-mortem. All in accordance with target characteristics and budget constraints.

Some of these activities are spread over 2, 3 or more departments. Employees in charge of executing these activities spend the bulk of their time with data issues, inter-departmental communication and/or the company's marketing process. That means more time is spent on organizational constraints and less on the actual campaign development and execution.

i4C™ greatly reduces the time spent on analysis and scenario-testing by … Learn more

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