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With i4C™ you can build hypothetical campaign scenarios by supplying the:

  • WHO: Who you would like to include in your campaign;
  • WHAT: The offer;
  • WHEN: The desired launch date for the campaign;
  • WHERE: The geographical area where your campaign is to be launched (standard and customized geographies can be used);
  • WHY: The content of the messaging. The main reason why you are contacting the customer;
  • HOW: The communication media content: Format, size, images, offer...

Your selections will yield an expected ROI for the campaign. Every time you alter one (or more) of the above dimensions, you can assess the impact on expected ROI. Instantly. It is this speed of response in analyzing complex combinations that save you (and your company) time and money.

Once you're satisfied with the expected ROI, you can simply produce your campaign. It's that simple.

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