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Stop wasting campaign dollars

Wasteful corporate practices are under scrutiny more than ever. Companies with dubious management practices and unjustifiable spending are seeing their corporate image (and bottom line) affected as already-reticent customers are taking their business elsewhere.

In today’s environment getting and keeping a customers' attention long enough to ensure they choose you over the competition is a daunting task. And trying to adapt your marketing strategy to do so, while keeping a handle on all to the channels and components, is difficult to juggle, if not altogether impossible.


So what's a company to do?

In order for companies to survive and thrive they need to start making smarter marketing decisions in the first place. Decisions that cost less and yield more: More accurate targeting; ROI-based marketing mix balancing; creating messaging in line with customer preferences and behaviours.

In short, being attentive to their customer base, learning about their preferences and communicating to them when they are most receptive to the company's message.

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